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Lausanne Collection

Beneath a veneer of understated elegance, this masculine watch hides a certain fire. Deceptively light, undeniably stylish, and irresistibly dynamic, the Lausanne Collection reflects the vitality of its namesake.

Our concept

We tend to spend a great deal of money on watches, with little knowledge of quality or provenance. In fact, we pay nearly ten times more than the cost of production.

Why? Because most brands need to cover the costs of distributors, retailers and advertising campaigns. The more intermediaries they have, the more their watch prices increase.

But which would you prefer? A watch where money is invested in the marketing, or a watch where money is invested in the product?

Our Story

Founded in 1977 by Jean-Louis Cuanillon in Bienne (CH), the original Ornata went bankrupt in 1997. The company had been weakened by the horological crisis that took place from 1975-1985, its mechanical watches outsold by the cheaper battery-powered watches that were flooding the market.

Although the business collapsed, its commitment to high-quality, mechanical watches has lived on. Inspired by this legacy of bespoke design, we named our own watch company in its honour. Ornata Lausanne was born.

Our Founder

No origin story is complete without a hero and Ornata Lausanne is no different. Enter Sebastien Cuanillon. Growing up in Vallee de Joux – one of the biggest watch-making areas in Switzerland – Sebastien was understandably passionate about watches. More than anything, he dreamed of a product that married affordability with the very best elements of Swiss craftsmanship. The result? Ornata Lausanne.

Our Location

Our Location: We are based in Lausanne, capital of Canton Vaud and the second biggest city in the Suisse Romande (the French-speaking part of Switzerland). Despite its size and cultural importance, Lausanne lacks a well-established watch brand. But we think that it’s time to change this. At Ornata, we are proud of our city, and want others to love it as much as we do. We’ve named our first collection after Lausanne – with watches inspired by popular neighbourhoods in the city – and have even chosen a logo based on one of its most iconic buildings: the Cathédrale de Notre Dame.

Swiss made

We are glad to say that our watches proudly wear the label ‘Swiss-Made’. Each individual movement is assembled and inspected in Switzerland, and over 60% of our manufacturing costs originate from Switzerland. Every movement is cased in Switzerland, and the final quality inspection for every Ornata watch takes place in our Lausanne workshop. According to the minimum requirements that came into force during 2017, Ornata watches are ‘Swiss Made’.